Platform Features

Start being proactive with new global understanding and clarity.  Targa.ai is an easily configurable, intuitive platform for driving role clarity, team cohesiveness, and results

  • See progress on Goals down to Action Items – Who, What, When, and the Why
  • Take the guesswork out of where you stand – you always know the score
  • Deep visibility into execution status up, down, and across every level of your organization
  • Accountability for time targets, milestones, follow-ups, and quality delivery of your critical business objectives
  • Predictive analytics on the likelihood of completing items and achieving results
  • Trustworthy, reliable and useful intelligence accessible from any device
targa solution

Giving you a huge ‘ROR’ – Return on your valuable Resources….time, people, and money!

Leader-Focused Workflow Automation

  • Relevant, actionable, and timely alerts when changes made to an important ‘in flight’ activity
  • Quick, easy reassignment of critical initiatives due to transfers, promotions, and departures
  • You control all the access and who can see key company strategies and initiatives
  • Mobile app with voice interface for busy executives always on the go
  • Personalized notifications that give you insights in your business and the scoreboard and the scorecard

Enabling you to run your business instead of the business running you.